Managed Print Services

What is MPS (Managed print services)

Managed print service is an proactive management of organizations’ printing devices including copiers, multi functional printers and desktop printers.

When thinking about what goes into your day to day office printing, it is hard to account for the number of variables involved to keep an office printing up and running.

In reality, maintaining printers fleet take a fair amount of time and attention and specially in situations when businesses have multiple offices across the country. At Greenvolution, we specialize in optimizing and streaming our customer’s printing needs with our Managed print solutions.

It starts with analyzing your printing needs and then we tailor recommendations on how you can better gain control on your print infrastructure and at the same time reducing overheads.

A complete MPS solution include current hardware assessments, hardware sales , device maintenance and supplies fulfillment.

How does it work?

Assessment: Our first step of MPS is to review and analyse organization current print environment. This involves creating a list of printers at all locations, monthly usage on these printers and printing cost. This understanding is crucial in providing you a customized solution.
Optimization: We will look for ways to consolidate your printers, replacing many large, old laser printers, single function printers with smaller number of newer, faster devices and multi-function printers with all the necessary functions built in.
This cuts down the size of your printer fleet and make in more efficient without any compromise on productivity.
Proactive Solutions: Mostly printer problems are addressed once they have arisen and created havoc. Using MPS empowers you to be proactive and avoid problems instead of working on them later.
Real Time Monitoring: We utilize software to keep an eye on each of your printer. When there is an performance issue our team is notified automatically and we can Rectify the issue instantly. This also helps in monitoring the toner status so that we can replenish the ink before you get out of it.
Cost Savings: Other than managing the printer fleet, managed print solution also reduce the overall TCO(Total cost of ownership). Our team aims to reduce the amount of prints and number of machines you used.
This also includes educating users on making use of high quality draft modes, duplex printing and other measures that can cut down on the amount of ink used. With our solutions, corporate have saved lakhs of rupees over years.