Printer Toner & Supplies

It is no secret that cartridges provided by printer manufacturers end up costing just as much as the price of printer, leaving you with pricey bills every time your run out of toner. That’s why we offer affordable toner and inkjet cartridges for everyone.

”Greenvolution new compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges will give you exceptional print quality at a fraction of cost of printer manufacturer brand cartridges”

Greenvolution Re manufactured Printer cartridges:

A Remanufactured cartridge is a cartridge that has been used and then remanufactured for further use. All of our re manufactured cartridges are professionally rebuilt to match the standards of OEM cartridges.

Remanufacturing of cartridges is a complex process and it involves several steps:

  • All cartridges collected are cleaned in Hepa filter to remove tiniest of dust and old toner particle.
  • Cartridges are then completely dismantled.
  • All old imaging components are replaced with new one.
  • Each cartridge is digitally filled to its designated capacity.
  • Cartridges are then tested for their text and graphics performance.
  • Toner container sealed with pull out tab to ensure safe transportation and prevent leakage.
  • Box packing
For consumers who are concerned about the environment, re manufactured printer cartridges is an excellent choice because it preserve our natural resources while keeping unnecessary metals and plastics out of the landfills.
For Every cartridge that is re manufactured is one that didn’t end up in landfill.
For consumers who want the genuine brand that came with their printer originally, but do not want to spend heavily, re manufactured cartridges make the most sense.

Greenvolution Compatible Printer Cartridges: Premium Alternative

All our compatible cartridges are made with brand new parts and are manufactured to the highest ISO9001 standards are STMC( International print quality standard protocols)certified.
They contain only the best quality ink which is considered to be the best for its vibrant colours, uniform consistency and colour accuracy.
They will arrive vacuum sealed in boxes to ensure a long shelf life of around 18 months and are fully guaranteed to work with your printers.

Here at Greenvolution, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our ink and toner store provides products which give customers the peace of mind, huge savings and a great shopping experience. All our products are shipped directly to your door and we are here 7 days a week to assist you in making your purchase

Our Commitment to You

Greenvolution believes you have a right to use whatever you choose for your printer. That is the reason why we carry all original, remanufactured, and compatible printer cartridges.

We further believe that you have a right to know exactly what you are purchasing and that’s why we clearly label and mark all products. Unfortunately there are companies that will let you believe you are purchasing original cartridges when in actuality they sell you compatible products. If the price seems too good to be actually for an original product, it is probably not an original product.

OEM’s such as HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother,Ricoh etc. mostly sell at the same prices across the board. They do not sell their products in bulk or generic packaging to anybody. When somewhere you found “special deals” on these cartridges or cartridges at a heavy discounted price, you must know something is not right.

When the price seems too low, ask directly: “are these products original from the manufacturer or are they remanufactured or compatible in any way?” You have a right to know and they have the responsibility to tell you. If they fail to properly disclose this, do not do business with them but report their unfair business practices to us. We will make sure that the original manufacturer gets alerted.

Ultimately, Greenvolution believes that, when properly used, remanufactured and compatible products play a vital role in your office equipment supply strategy. They can lower your overall cost of ownership, help businesses, and help the environment.

If you have not used remanufactured products before, or if you have used them and were disappointed, we suggest you give our brand (GV) a try. Select a business machine that is not mission critical for you and purchase a remanufactured cartridge plus an original for backup in case you are not happy with the results (we know this will not happen but you do not yet!) When you see that our products are reliable, you can gradually switch to remanufactured products.