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What is Managed Print Services? No Comments

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services(MPS)-Do you know how much your company is spending on print?

Printing is a substantial expenditure for every businesses and each and every employee is directly affected by the efficiency and quality of printing. Paper jams , delay in cartridges delivery are few of the major reasons for loss of productivity of IT team and the users who wants to print.Managed print services(MPS) is  a programme which addresses all these problems and also can brings cost savings.In MPS, we will take complete ownership of your printers. Our managed print services is an all-inclusive plan to provide all the necessary parts, supplies, printer repairs, and maintenance.
How it works & What it includes?

Matching Printing Array:-

We evaluate your print needs and will match it with your current fleet in order to sizing your printer array correctly. Every printer has per page printing cost associated with it and we can help you in decreasing your per page cost by redirecting heavy print departments to more cost effective printers. This will reduce your overall printing cost.

Free Printer Maintenance:-

We will maintain your printer at no cost to you.Our quarterly performance reviews of the printing devices identify potential problems, so they can be corrected before affecting the business.
MPS Software:-
This software will monitor all the devices on the network proactively as well as monitor supply levels and page counts of printers.  The automated alert on toner supply status will helps you in ordering cartridges before running out of them.This will also reduce toner inventory cost. Moreover, you will get paper jam or any other printer error notifications on your desktop, thus enabling you to prevent printing problems and resulting delays.

Gain control of your print environment:-

We can help you out in determining.Who is printing?How much printing?What they printing?

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